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S.S.W.A.P Monthly Newsletter: November 2021 update

Take Time To Be Me

Message From The Founder

Take some time to be you! Make time in your day or week to hold on to you. If you have a busy life, then you understand what I mean. We often focus so much on the needs of others that we forget who we are. If we’re not careful we can lose sight of what we enjoy, what makes us smile, or even how to rest.

Don’t make your me time complicated or spend effort figuring out what you’ll do. Just give yourself what you need at the moment. It may be a 30-minute nap, taking a walk, reading, praying, singing or just listening to the quiet.

Unplug from your phone, laptop or TV and allow your mind to rest. Those 30 minutes can be a wonderful time of refreshing and renewing. I call it my “be still and know time” from Psalm 46:10, ;but however you define your time, allow it to become a part of your schedule and don’t compromise it. It will benefit you and those around you. Enjoy!

Our board of directors recently toured the new Greenhouse Ministries facility that will be opening next month! S.S.W.A.P will be hosting monthly gatherings here starting in 2022! We are so excited about this new collaboration! Stay tuned for more information!

It's time to celebrate! This will be the kick off event for monthly gathering and information sharing, networking and fellowshipping for single moms in the area. There will be free childcare and activities for kids up to age 13; meals for moms and kids, giveaway items and gifts, activities, ice breakers, fun, music and more! We hope to see you there! Click here or text 615-212-5513 to register!

Location: Greenhouse Ministries, 315 S. Academy Street, Murfreesboro, TN

Date: December 9, 2021 Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.

We are collecting gift cards for the holiday season! If you would like to donate a gift card to a family in need you can mail them to, PO BOX 11866, Murfreesboro TN 37129! Or donate financially on CashApp: $SistersSharing

Do you have a helpful tip, recipe, resource? If so, we'd love to share it in our next newsletter! Submit to,

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For information specific to the Murfreesboro area, check out the following:

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Murfreesboro for your generous donation!


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