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S.S.W.A.P Monthly Newsletter: December 2021 update


Message From The Founder

When I was thinking about what to write for this month’s newsletter, especially as we’re approaching a new year, I kept hearing the word “purpose.”

Our purpose is something that causes many of us to struggle. I know I have. I think it’s because I had a wrong understanding of what purpose meant. I thought it had to be something grand, like having an important-sounding job title or being affirmed by others, but none of those things matter when it comes to living out your divine purpose in life. I’ve learned that what matters most is sharing your unique gifts with others.

As we approach 2022, I want to remind you that you are unique, like no one else! Yes, it’s true! No one can smile like you, no one thinks like you, no one has the insight you have, and specific people are waiting on you to help them find their purpose.

You won’t experience your purpose until you do what comes naturally, and that is to follow the unction to do good within you. Why not try it? Go ahead and smile at that grumpy neighbor, compliment the person who never speaks, forgive a family member you haven’t talked to in years; when your children make mistakes, gently help them learn from their errors without condemning them. And be mindful of the thoughts you think about yourself. Replace the negative dialogue in your mind with positive affirmations, and practice encouraging yourself daily, especially when you first wake up.

Let your inner voice guide you and liberate you to be the person God created you to be. You’ll know you’re obeying the right voice when your focus is on doing or saying something that doesn’t benefit you but encourages someone else. You will find that your life and your life’s purpose become clearer in doing so. And it won’t matter if people acknowledge you, because the joy you’ll experience doesn’t come from them! There is no greater fulfillment and peace than knowing you’ve made someone else’s life better.

That’s the model Jesus had for us when he said in John 10, “…My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life”. (NLT) He fulfilled his purpose in laying down His life for us.

So, let’s embrace the year ahead, not in fear, not in doubt, not in selfishness, but focused on embracing our purpose. The first step is simply believing that your life matters and that you have so much to give! After that, don’t be afraid to ask God for wisdom on defining your purpose!

The more you focus on being a blessing to others, the more you will see your own life become abundantly blessed.

Have a Happy and Purpose-Filled New Year!

Our December kick-off event was a success! We had over 15 moms in attendance and 20 kids! We played games, enjoyed a meal, and provided childcare to allow time for community building with the moms! It was a blast!

Special thanks to all of our donors and community partners, including Taylor Farms and Honey Baked Ham Company in Murfreesboro. Also, thank you to Greenhouse Ministries for allowing us to use your new facility for our event! We can't wait for the next one!

Mark your calendars! These are the dates of our monthly community events in 2022! All events will be from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in Murfreesboro, TN! We hope you can join!

Do you have a helpful tip, recipe, resource? If so, we'd love to share it in our next newsletter! Submit to,

For information specific to the Murfreesboro area, check out the following:


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