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S.S.W.A.P Monthly Newsletter: January 2022 update

Updated: Feb 1, 2022


Little By Little

There's an old piece of wisdom that says, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

I thought about that saying recently as I was overwhelmed at all the tasks I needed and wanted to accomplish. I became fatigued while thinking about taking care of family and home, managing a business, ministry obligations, making time for friends, and social commitments, to name a few.

As I pondered why these tasks seemed so daunting, I realized that I had lumped them together into one giant, intimidating, to-do list in my head. It became an elephant in my thoughts, making noise, disturbing my peace, and crowding up all the space in my brain. I had to do something. This elephant had to go! But how do you bite an elephant?

I remembered cutting my daughter's food into tiny pieces when she was a toddler. As she got older, I cut larger pieces because she had matured enough to eat them without choking. And, just as my daughters' cuts were suitable for her, I believe we each have to determine the size and types of pieces we can chew.

For me, I cut my elephant into these pieces: What can I complete or resolve quickly? What is essential or time-sensitive? What should I confront to remove fear and stress of the unknown (i.e., opening a bill, making a potentially unpleasant phone call)? Can some things wait for now? Have I made some tasks larger than they are? Do I need help with tasks?

As I put each thought into one of those bite-sized pieces, I felt the pressure releasing, clarity returning, and most importantly, relaxation returning. I ate that elephant and enjoyed the satisfaction of dining on a good meal! Now, your pieces may be different. But establish goals or a plan to help you clear your head and allow you to move forward productively and not get stifled by overcrowding thoughts that become big and overwhelming.

Sometimes we will feel overwhelmed, but we don't have to stay overwhelmed! Remember, when you take one bite at a time, what seems impossible becomes possible and more attainable. In Exodus 23:30, God said that He would drive out the land's inhabitants for the children of Israel, not all at once, but "little by little." His little by little principle assured them they would become stronger and prepared to take over themselves. So, if God said it, we know it works! So, let us follow His strategy when it comes to managing life—little by little, one bite at a time.

Sisters Sharing With A Purpose volunteered at the United Way 2022 MLK Day of Service at Patterson Park Community Center.

The afternoon was spent sorting and packing in support of the second annual MLK Day of Service Pack the Packs sort-a-thon. This event benefits Murfreesboro City School children that are in need of after-school and weekend meals.

We had a blast! It is always so rewarding gathering with other organizations in the community!

Sisters Sharing With A Purpose in collaboration with Dr. Derek Johnson gifted 14 mothers and 24 children with toys and gift cards for Christmas. Special thanks to Dr. Johnson and his family for donating all the gifts and for coming out to help distribute them! Also, thank you so much to our volunteers who helped too!

Sisters Sharing With A Purpose also collaborated with Denise Cole of Grace Abounds to donate baby items to the Rutherford County Office of DCS for a single mom aging out of foster care. Ashley Greer, Foster Care Team Leader coordinated the donation.

Mark your calendars! These are the dates of our monthly community events in 2022! All events will be from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in Murfreesboro, TN! We hope you can join us!

Meet board member, Vanita Sanders! In addition to serving on the board, Vanita is a certified Stager; Delivery Driver and serves the community in a volunteer capacity.

"I am motivated to serve on the board because I feel this is where the Lord has called me to serve, Sanders said, I enjoy serving others and creating a space that focuses on making mothers and their children feel loved. Serving others brings joy to my heart and leaves me looking forward to my next opportunity to serve."

Her life motto is, "Seek the Lord "Jesus Christ" before making a decision."

We are so grateful for her and the work she is doing for the community!

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